Conference Talks


This was a talk I gave at the 2021 IEEE VR Workshop for Distributed Interactive Systems for Collaboration Experiences (DISCE), on our paper "Towards a Platform for Smart City-Scale Cognitive Assistance Applications"

7 min

USENIX HotEdge 2020

This was a talk I gave at virtual HotEdge'20 about our paper "Synthesizing Plausible Infrastructure Configurations for Evaluating Edge Computing Systems" which can be found here:

11 min


This was a talk I gave at virtual OpML'20 about our paper "An Experimentation and Analytics Framework for Large-Scale AI Operations Platforms" which was the result of a research stay I did at IBM Research in 2018.

19 min

IEEE IC2E 2019

Edge AI and Human Augmentation are two major technology trends, driven by recent advancements in edge computing, IoT, and AI accelerators. As humans, things, and AI continue to grow closer together, systems engineers and researchers are faced with new and unique challenges.


This was a talk at the 2018 Symposium on Edge Computing on the topic of portable compute clusters and their energy consumption characteristics.

IEEE IC2E 2018

This was a talk at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering where I presented EMMA, an elastic QoS-aware MQTT middleware for edge computing application.

MSR 2017

This was a talk at the 2017 conference on Mining Software Repositories in Buenos Aires on the topic of build failures in continuous integration workflows and what causes them.


Distributed Systems Technologies

Distributed Enterprise Software & Data Management

Lecture 1 of Distributed Systems Technologies 2020 at TU Wien. I talk about enterprise systems, the sources of complexity in enterprise systems, abstraction, layering, and data management systems.

1h 56min

Coordination Mechanisms, Developing Dynamic Features

Lecture 3 of Distributed Systems Technologies 2020 at TU Wien. I cover a wide range of topics including distributed transactions, OAuth, how application frameworks work, and how to develop dynamic features using metaprogramming, dynamic proxies, and AOP.

1h 31min

Orchestrating Virtualized Distribted Systems

Lecture 4 of Distributed Systems Technologies at TU Wien. I talk about VM and container virtualization, cloud computing, and how virtualized systems are orchestrated. We take a closer look at scheduling, autoscaling and load balancing in Kubernetes.

1h 38min


Git Introduction Tutorial

A Git tutorial for rookies that covers most aspects of basic Git usage for a medium sized project. This was originally a semestral lecture given at the TU Wien for the course Software Engineering and Project Management